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    I applied to a job through school spring 1-2 weeks ago. I emailed the principal that day to intro myself, express interest and give another copy of my cover letter and resume. No response, but a few days after, all of my references were contacted and told that the employer requires references to complete a confidential survey about the applicant, which they all did. My application still says "review" on school spring. I want to use the "contact principal button" and just re-express my interest but in a non annoying, pushy way. What can I say to remind them I'm out here, qualified, experienced and really want the job?
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    Aug 4, 2014

    Is there any small improvement to your resume or application that would warrant resending as "updated??" I update my Applitrack applications every time I earn another credential, graduate credit, etc., and see this as a non-obtrusive way to put myself on display once again. Just a thought.

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