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    My teammate and I were trying to figure out to grade the following two assignments. One activity asked the students to circle all the pronouns in a given paragraph. We checked the answer key and there were 17 pronouns. We let the students know that ahead of time. Anyway, several students found 17 (some even found 18?!), so they obviously understood the lessons and received a 100%. We couldn't decide how or if we should give extra credit. Others only found about 10 or less and circled words like an, the, was, etc. This shows that they didn't understand what pronouns are. My question is how should that count against them? We could give them the 10/17 or 9/17, but the words that aren't pronouns should be counted against them, in my opinion. Then there are the students who circled more proper nouns and only a couple of pronouns.

    The other assignment is a science quiz. It was only 9 SRs, but we decided that two of the questions were too difficult for them. We thought it should be out of 7 points instead. My question is how would you assign extra credit if the students did answer the other two questions correctly. For example, my teammate felt that if they earned a 5/7 (71%), but got the two extra credit, that their grade should be 77%.
    She came to this conclusion because she decided the two extra credit should be 3 points each, 6 total - so 71% plus 6 equals 77%.

    I would appreciate anyone's opinions. Thanks:)

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