HELP with ADHD student

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Christine3, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Nov 19, 2007

    What type of behaviors has he been doing?

    Oh and welcome to the forum!!
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    Nov 20, 2007

    Got anything he can have in his hands? Three year olds are younger than the K-3 age range I teach, but I like for my special needs students to have Wikki Stix, play doh (or TheraPutty), a Koosh, a pink eraser, or a squeeze ball available for them to feel in their hands.
    Some people like for AD/HD affected kids to wear weighted vests. You can talk to the parent(s) about whether that's OK with them. You can sew plastic zipper bags full of sand into vest pockets, or fill large tube socks with kitty litter and hang them off of the child's shoulders. Sounds weird, but weight can calm AD/HD kids down.
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    Nov 21, 2007

    I second the weighted vest idea. I use weighted vests with my students (ADHD, ODD, ED, AU, etc) and it has been glorious since the day I got them. It truly works for my guys. You could even ask for an O.T. evaluation and see if they could do a trial run with a weighted vest. If it was successful, you could have it written into his I.E.P. and the school MUST provide it. You can also look into getting one to use at home. You do want to remember not to keep it on ALL the time, because then it's not as effective. It's a calming, grounding effect, and it doesn't work if the child's body gets used to it. There are people on ebay who hand-stitch them for you based on your child's interests (Spiderman, Hulk, Thomas, Mickey, etc).

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