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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by imanashhole, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!

    I am a first year 2nd grade teacher (teaching 1st grade at the same time as well :dizzy:) and would like to do a read aloud of Roald Dahl's The BFG with the 2nd grade students. I'd like to know what you all recommend--do I read aloud and have some sort of activity after each chapter? Free writing? Comprehension? What kind of activities do I follow up with? At the end what could I do to tie it all together?

    Some background: Most students, with the exception of 3-4, read at a high level, and all except 1 have a very good level of oral comprehension. We are a bilingual school, so the students are fluent in French and English. I teach 40% of the classroom time in English. We follow Scott Foresman Reading Street (common core) but I'd like to bring more literature into the classroom.

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    I have posted this a million times in the past. Adapt for 2nd:
    Students kept a reader response journal. They wrote in it daily. They each had a copy of the book (they had to buy it). They were not allowed to read ahead or start it on their own.

    First, we previewed the book, the title, the author's name, cover illustration. We predicted what the book was about. I kept a chart on the wall to record predictions. Then, we read the back cover which had a brief summary. The kids wrote in their journals about any questions they had, what they wanted to know. I recorded questions on the chart paper. This was done in two sessions.

    I made charts for recording names of characters, descriptions of characters, settings. We kept adding to the charts as we read. We updated the predictions chart as we proved or disproved our predictions.

    The next lesson was about how to use the reader response journal. Every day of reading, they dated the page before writing. They were to keep it open while they read, jot down questions they had, things they wondered about, conclusions they could draw, emotional responses, words they did not understand, and (their favorite) figurative language. (Tie in to language arts lesson on figurative language.)

    Each day, the kids read one chapter (they were short, you might have to limit it to a certain number of pages if the chapters are long) silently. They wrote in their response journals.

    Chart paper for vocab words was kept up until the book was done. I listed the words and page numbers for each day's reading. Sometimes we projected the definitions before the kids read a chapter. I gave them pages for recording vocab words and definitions - just made it on the computer with appropriate lines. They used the dictionary to find the definitions after reading silently.

    When everyone had finished reading and recording, I read the same chapter aloud while they followed along. This could take place at any time later that day. We stopped and discussed at appropriate spots. We updated charts. Each student shared their favorite parts (which they had noted in their journals), and interesting language (words, phrases, similes, metaphors). This turned out to be their absolute favorite part of the discussions, which surprised me.

    On most days, I posted a question of the day (or two or three) on the board. They had to answer the question in their journals. Their answers had to contain the question and be in complete sentences. I encouraged them to cite the page number and/or a quote from the chapter which helped them.

    Sometimes, I had them draw a particular scene, or even a vivid use of language right in their journals. They loved this, too. You could also ask them to make short comic strips of chapters, write letters to characters giving advice, write 'found' poems using words they found in the novel, compare characters to themselves......
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