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Discussion in 'Special Education Archives' started by clarnet73, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Jan 7, 2003

    I'm putting this in special ed, even though it's a regular ed 2nd grade class...

    I'm student teaching, and we have 2 kids we just don't know what to do with... well, really one, but...

    This student was in this room for about 2 weeks before break, and came from a self-contained LD room in another district... now is in the regular ed. 2nd grade class with some pull-out extra help. The trouble is, about the only thing she can really do with the rest of the class without a TON of guidance is copy things off the board. She isn't really reading much other than echo-reading, and while the rest of the class is doing 2- and 3- digit problem-solving, she is working on a worksheet where she's adding one-digit numberse using the pictures.

    Principal is working on her sister right now (they're foster kids who just got placed in a new home in this district), and the LD teacher doesn't really know what to do... we can't find a label for her officially...

    I guess my question is what's the best way for us to help her?

    second kid...

    this room has 4 ESL kids, 3 of whom are Spanish-only at home... 2 of the Spanish-speakers are doing very well with their English, the other refuses to speak. Usually she'll nod or shake her head in response to a direct question, but sometimes we won't even get that... won't even talk in Spanish... i know it's normal for kids to be silent when being immersed in another language, but how can I encourage her to talk? Or at least to know if she understands or not? She has a beautiful smile, and she's a great kid... but how can I get to seeing when she understands stuff? sometimes it's easy to tell, other times it's really not so easy...

    Thanks! :)

    BTW, my student teaching is going REALLY well. :)
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    Well there are lots of things you can do for both of the children. The one who was LD really just needs support and one of the best ways to support that child without using up too much of your time is to pair her with a child that needs little to no instruction and can assist her and keep her on track. If you have no children like that at least pair her with someone with some "motherly" skills who will gently guide her to the right choices and help her to not feel left out and accept that all kids are at different levels. There are lots of resourcs on-line that can provide material for you to put in front of her, but really if comeone can use flash cards with her to get her reading sight words, and decoding harder words eventually this will help in reading also flash cards for math. Yeah they say flash cards are not always the best tool, but it allows you to see what can be achieved in issolation. Be sure to encourage her to use manipulatives during math and make sure the other children accept that she is just at a different stage of learning than them.

    The other child, just keep trying and don't force too much. That's not to say let them get away with not talking, but maybe see what happens one-on-one or show the child you are willing to learn some of their language and they need to learn some of yours. ie; hi, what's your name, numbers, bathroom, ect. Kids seem to get a real kick out of a teacher trying to learn their language and hearing us make mistakes. That maybe all it will take to get her/him out of their shell. Also try to find out what turns them on, what will they work for. It's a good way to get the really hard ones working.

    I work in a completly ESL/LD school if you need more ideas or help feel free to e-mail me.

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