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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by JuJuBea, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Oct 6, 2016

    So, I started working at a learning center late Jan/early Feb. We have ages 6weeks-12years (broken up into Infants, Becoming Bigs, Toddlers, 2s, 3s, Pre-K, and School Age). I began as a floater, mostly in 3s and Todds, then moved to school age a lot over the summer, then helping with 2s (nightmare!) But all the while, I've closed Todds (usually about 1-2 hours with them a day).
    We recently have been having major changes due to being bought out by a major company, which caused a lot of our staff to leave. We are currently working on skeleton crew, most of us have at least 8-10 hours overtime each week, and little to no potty breaks. We are a big family, though, so we soldier on.
    3 weeks ago, I was placed in a Toddler room as the full time teacher (no more floating for me!) With 6 one year olds all to myself. The class next to mine (we share a diaper changing suite) has 2 teachers with 30+ years experience between them and 11 children on their roll. My director has told me to ask them for help any time if I feel I need it (including switching with one of them if I can't handle it)

    Now, I love my little friends, and I really do enjoy my job. Most days.
    I have a little one in my class that has Einstein Syndrome. Apparently, this means the child behaves like a child with autism, but will eventually "grow out of it".

    My problem is...when we eat, this child will eat what they want, then get up and take handfuls from the other kids' plates. I try to stop this, but the kid is very strong willed and will not be distracted. At nap time, the child will walk around, climb on the tables/shelves, and pull out toys, making the other kids think they can do the same. Einstein Syndrome is also known as "Late Talkers", so the child is completely non-verbal. If I say something, I can't even claim it going in one ear and out the other, because I don't think it goes in one ear.
    I am totally frazzled, because I don't have a co teacher or aid, the other teachers don't remember what it is like to be totally new to this profession so they just laugh it off when I say I am having difficultly, and I just feel like I'm not good enough for these children.
    I'm always doing diapers because I can't just do them all. Every time I start one, the other five are biting, hitting, climbing on the tables/shelves, and whatnot. So I have to go around and correct those behaviors before I can start the next one, sometimes I have 20 minutes between diapers when we have to check every 2 hours at least. I've tried to get help, but they don't take me seriously until I burst into tears from the stress (a rare occurrence)

    How can I keep these kids safe and happy, and still do our routines by myself?

    (I apologize for the novel.)
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    Technically, there should be 2 teachers in there. If you're changing a diaper, your ratio is 1:1 with that kid and the others are not counted in your ratio & should have another teacher watching them.
    Also, the other teachers laugh at you when you tell them you're having difficulty? They should be helping you, giving you advice, etc., not laughing it off.
    Have you talked to admin about this?

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