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    I'm working to develop a science project product and was hoping you might be able to provide some feedback that could help me. If you have a few moments, please read the description of the idea below and send me any comments you have. You can respond by either posting to this forum or emailing me at I value anything you have to say.

    The Idea:
    The idea is science projects that would have all of the materials and instructions included in one box. The instructions would be written so that most elementary school children could do them with minimal adult supervision. All of the materials would be included, meaning that not even a pencil, paper, glue or any other thing would be needed, everything the child needs will be in the box.

    Unlike most other science project products, these will not try to take on an entire area with a huge number of overly simple projects. The result of those products is that the child learns little more than a few interesting tricks. This product will focus on a single scientific principle and help the child carry out a real experiment, including data collection and comprehension, with the result that the child learns both the principle and the methodology of science.

    Included with every project will also be information that helps to place the scientific principle within its particular field. For example, a project that demonstrates electrolysis will include information about atomic structure. Each project will also include a short biography with pictures, of three people involved in the principle, one ancient, one middle age, and one current scientist, which will show that the principle is part of the continual process of scientific discovery.

    Some Suggested Questions for Feedback:
    Who do you think would be interested in purchasing something like this?

    How might they use it?

    How much would they probably expect to spend on it?

    How could the idea be improved?

    What is good about the idea?

    Are there too many other products like this one already?

    What could make this product stand out?

    What would be a good way to market this product?

    What would be a good name for this product?

    Would you personally consider buying something like this?

    Thank you very much for your time. You can respond by either posting to this forum or emailing me at
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    shoebox science
    I think learning resources has it? Foss kits? Sounds very familiar- I hope you research what is already out there to how yours will differ.

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