HELP! Need new ideas for Language Arts reading time

Discussion in 'First Grade' started by WonderW05, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Okay, I am having a hard time with my kids. First of all let me give you some background of my class. I have 11 ELL in a class of 19 students. They are CELT levels 1 and 2 only one of them is a 3. not to mention I am a first year teacher.
    Okay here is my delimma [sp]:
    We are using the Houghton Mifflin anthology books to read every Wednesday and Thursday. I read the big book on Monday to start off. I originally have my class at their tables (they don't have individual desks) while reading. Many of them are very low meaning many of them do not know their sounds/letters. I have about 4 kids who can read pretty well. During reading time I have been doing an echo read. The kids are a very demanding group and I felt like I had a hold of management until I started noticing kids were playing with their books,(turning pages, playing with pencils and not pointing to the words). When we go to talk about the story they cannot tell me even on the surface questions. I was told that I could move them to the carpet and then have them echo read,. This would give them a less of a chance of playing and paying attention. I tried this today and had most of them following along except for two who continued to play. I am really at my witts end. I am frusterated and would like some suggestions on what do you do when you go over the stories in the book. I also have them do a summary at the end of the story, with pictures and one sentece for the beginning, middle, and end but again they even struggle to remember what happened at all!

    They are still at the stage where they are needy and cannot work alone. I have been working with them and it is just not working to pull seperate groups at a time (high, med, low). This is what i originally wanted to do but because of us switching our classes to accomidate universal access, it is impossible.
    Any suggestions on what you do with your first graders would be a blessing!

    Thank you:help:
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    In my opinion, which may not mean a lot, it sounds like the beg, middle, end stuff is WAY TOO HARD! I had a class of 16 ELL's last year, out of 20. Just an idea but you can use the pictures from the story, copy the pictures, and pass them out to the students (add sentences later). Then have them bring them up one by one and put them in a pocketchart sequencing the story like a retell. Use the book to even guide them the first few times because it will help them get the idea of sequencing. How many times are you reading the story? I would also do this as a whole class. Then give partners small but the same pictures to "retell" their partner the story. It makes for great comprehension if they can retell the story and also good oral language for the ELL's.

    Managment wise, I would read on the carpet. Closer together, better to keep your eyes on them. The most important thing is to establish a routine. My kids brought their books to the carpet put it infront of them and couldn't touch it until I said "Finger read!" then they had to put it under the words. I would use things like, "Sit on your hands!" or "You're under arrest!" and they'd put their hands up. Even, hands on your shoulders, ears, nose, exc. to build vocab. They are soooooo squirmy in the beginning of the year but if you get the routines in place then they will settle in. Also, we sat around the "perimeter" of the carpet so I could see them all facing in, what page they were on and if their finger was tracking the words. Good luck! It will get better!!

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