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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Starista, Oct 30, 2014.

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    I teach fourth grade and I am having a difficult time grading writing.

    I am thinking that it's time for me to get past the idea of everything having to be out of "10 points" where 3x scores a 70%. Many of the awesome writing activities are out of 6. Grading writing is so subjective thought!

    So much of the writing has to do with planning, editing/revising, etc. The 5th grade teacher with whom I work is only grading the finished product, the actual "essays" that she is having her students complete.

    Our ELA series, Journeys CC, has great writing components but the standards suggest we grade the process and traits as well as the overall finished product. What do you think? Sorry if this question is confusing ... it's early and I need coffee! :atoz_love:

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