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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by snowyday, Sep 18, 2007.

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    My school has an activity block on Friday afternoons for 45 mins. During this time, teachers do an activity with about 10 kids from grades K-5. Does anyone have any ideas for a fun activity I could do every Friday afternoon for 10 weeks with different groups of kids. Oh yeah, and our budget is really small so it needs to be something cheap or free. I appreciate any help!
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    We do something similar at our school 1-6th graders... but we all do creative arts and keep the same kids for 9 weeks. I do drama.

    -Chorus... this is cheap, actually free. They can learn songs accapella (sp) and perform them later. Some good ones would be songs with rounds, clapping, hand motions, etc. Our kids do this (though someone accompanies) but they go and perform at a retirement home and in front of the school. Do you have different kids every week?? If so, this won't work.

    - Recycle Art.. gather as many recycled materials as you can (cans, boxes, canisters, etc.) along with LOTS of scotch tape, construction paper and paint. Let them build cities, cars, planes, doll houses, etc.

    - Dramatic Play... older kids don't get time to do this. Get a bunch of old costumes and old clothes. Let them dress up and make up plays, scenes, etc. Have a digital camera near by. The older kids can take one anothers pictures. Give them time to make up a skit and perform it.

    Printmaking... save up styrofoam meat trays. They design a picture to carve into it with a pencil tip. Then, roll on paint and press. (You will need rubber rollers) They can make cards, stationary, pictures for framing, etc. You can have them make a pattern and repeat it, or just a picture. I cut the meat trays in half, and each stamp is about 3 x 3. You can also do potatoes and apple prints.

    Cooperative Games- get a book on cooperative games, and have a game playing time. These are usually games with very few props, maybe a ball or blindfold. They are generally non-competetive and would work for a variety of ages, though K and 1 might have some problems.

    Simple sewing- Kids could probably sew a simple pillow and stuff it in 45 minutes... Maybe the kind where a thick yarn loops through pre-made holes on the perimeter for younger kids. Older kids could do them same, but then decorate the pillow with fabric pens or buttons.

    That's all I can think of.

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