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Discussion in 'High School' started by NotYourAverageBookie, Aug 19, 2021.

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    Aug 19, 2021
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    Aug 19, 2021

    Hey everyone!
    This year I am a first year teacher with no training and no experience. HELP!

    I was just hired to fill a position as an Inclusion teacher in a local high school.
    I do not have a teaching license nor a degree in anything remotely related to EC.
    And, here's the kicker...
    The kids start before I do. I'm unavailable to start until the kids will have already been there.

    So, I feel as though I'm going to be going in blind, with no guidance of even how my day will look.
    What does everyone suggest? I am very excited and feel like this is where I should be but I'm also incredibly nervous to let the kids down.

    Any advice for a first year teacher jumping right off the cliff without really knowing what is at the bottom?
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    Aug 20, 2021

    What kind of school is it? You need to contact the school and ask to speak with the head of the department and find out what you will be doing. If you're an inclusion teacher you might just be able to take the direction of the regular teacher and she/he will guide you.

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