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    Hello All,

    I wanted to ask you all for some advice about my situation. I just received an incredible opportunity to do a summer internship at one of the nation’s largest media communications organizations by revenue. The acceptance rate was less than 5%. My dream is eventually land a career where I can combine my interests in education and media. However, I need to polish my skillset in communications.

    The problem: the internship begins the last week of school.

    I requested to use my 3 PTO and 2 unpaid days. I thought it would be a straightforward process as my boss knows my long-term career goals. However, she stated that she would try to see if it is possible. It’s been over a week, and I still have not heard back.

    However, I made it clear to her that I already accepted the offer.

    If my request is denied, what are my options? I am so scared because I do not want to live in regret about potentially missing out on this amazing professional opportunity.

    extra information:
    1) I am an at will employee at a charter school.
    2) my internship ends before the start of the next academic year
    3) I want to clear my credential and have one more year
    4) I told my boss I would be willing to do tutoring before and after my internship schedule to continue supporting my kiddos
    5) I also reaffirmed my commitment to providing detailed sub plans and grading. However, it’s the last week of school. Typically, this is centered around culture building.
    6) I teach science and my grade level is not involved in CASP testing
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