Hello! Passed Media Exam. Now what? lol

Discussion in 'Library/Media Teachers' started by TeachinginFL, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Hello. Thanks for stopping in. If I ask questions that are not intelligent, I blame my fingers for typing it :p.

    In Florida, I just passed the Media Specialist exam. However, my degree is in Elementary Education. I know here in Florida I qualify to work in a school library (K-6), but I am not sure about other states.

    Since getting an interview for a school library position is going to be tough, I am willing to search throughout Florida (or beyond). Should I go to each school district's website and just keep an eye open for openings? Is there a library websites that posts openings for different states?

    If I was also thinking of Arizona or Nevada as another set of possible locations for a media position, should I apply for certification now? I am confused... Thank you for your time!

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