Have you ever gotten to the point...

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Mami1Maestra2, Oct 25, 2019.

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    to where you just decide to be okay with Needs Improvements on your evals? I haven't been evaluated yet, but I have decided that there are 2 areas that I am not going to stress if I get NI's.

    I want to make sure that my attention is squarely on teaching students. There' s just not enough time to complete all of the myriad things that are expected of us, especially since many tasks are not directly related to student learning.

    Have you ever gotten to that point?
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    Yep! Without going into it all, there is something very time consuming that has nothing to do w/ teaching. It is something valued by certain people in our school including the P. I do not value or hate it. I feel like it is a big waste of time. I don't do it.
    When I was young, I loved all the points on evaluations, wanted and usually got them all. Then 1 yr, I got evaluated by a P who knew little to nothing. (newbie and not aware of kids). His evaluations to me were meaningless and often showed how little he knew. He never gave me NI, but I went from being the cream of the crop to just proficient overnight! lol
    That went on for probably 3 yrs. It made me realize someone's opinion does not define you. It bothered me the 1st yr, but I was fairly vocal about it which is unusual for me. I ended up making new friends because they'd joke that I had forgotten more than he ever knew to begin with! I loved that saying! I am forgetful! :) So that made it even funnier!
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    Yep. Who cares? If they want the job, they can have it at this point.
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