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    i am at a loss....i have a reading/ELA class for 2 fifth graders....
    1 is reading at about a 3rd grade level and has average cognitive abilities and the other is reading at a 1st grade level and has a definite cognitive disability.
    the faster learner excels when there are other students in the class (we just lost a 6th grader) and now questions why he has to do more aloud reading when the other student does not. the other student shuts down, because she feels self-conscious about not being close to the other students level, despite being in the same grade.
    even with an IA in my class, I am not sure how best to work it out. I want to engage both students and hit their goals, while being sensitive to the slower learner's self-consciousness. Short of teaching 2 seperate 1-on-1 classes, which did not serve the faster learner well; I am not sure how to manage to make this into a cohesive, effective class.
    any ideas???

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