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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by whizkid, Jul 12, 2019.

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    I think some people are clearly misinformed, but there is some truth to what they are are saying.

    I can’t speak for other teachers besides myself, but I hardly ever have to lesson plan because I have everything digitized and ready to go. I just adjust dates and modify as needed, which takes like an hour tops per month, in total, or less. Also, I don’t ever take my work home with me anymore and I haven’t for some time. I only work long hours because I tutor so much. If I didn’t tutor, I would have much MORE than 3-4 months off per year, which is why I chose to become a teacher.

    I don’t work during the summer, except when I plan for a new class that I am going to teach. I discount tutoring in all of this, mind you.

    To demonstrate, I have engineering friends who are expected to work 50 hours per week, minimally, and they only get 2 weeks off per year for vacation. Not to mention, they frequently take work home with them because they have deadlines to meet. Their employers expect them to get it done at whatever the cost. I don’t envy them and I frequently brag how little work I have to do in comparison. Yes, I work hard at my job, but only because I have many, many functions that I voluntarily elect to do. If I just taught and did nothing else, then I would practically do nothing as teaching and explaining mathematics is second nature. It doesn’t feel like work to me.

    In conclusion, I think it depends on the individual.
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    Somehow this thread reminds me of Dave Chappelle's song.
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