Has anyone done Special Ed math "Push In"

Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by hopetoteach, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone, I just got word this week that our Special Education department is planning a "push in model" of their students into my math class next year. I am always interested in doing what's best for students but something about this situation is making me uncomfortable. Some of my worry is related to the fact that I am a relatively new teacher and I have never taught 7th grade math before, but mostly I want to be sure that all parties involved are set up to be successful (especially the students). I believe the plan at this point is that half of my class would be Special Ed kids and the 2nd half would be General Ed kids who have lower end math skills. The Special Education math teacher would be with us every day and because it is a math/science block would join us two days a week for science. I could be wrong but I thought that the objective for the push in model is to include students into a heterogeneous class and that typically this would be more like 5-7 students out of about 28. I am also unsure if we would be using standard curriculum (some of these kids will be several years below grade level) Can anybody give me share their experience/thoughts or suggest a resource with best practices on the "push in" approach.

    I know that I depend on heterogeneous classes when I run science labs and this is also worrying me.

    Thanks so much!
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    You are right -- the model is to have a heterogenous class -- and this type of thing happens all the time, all over the country. You are right to be worried. If you get along with the other teacher, it will be fine. If not, you will have a tough year. I hope for you (and your students) that all goes well.

    I've been in your situation before. I wouldn't do it again.

    It is horrible when admin puts all the "needy" students in one room along with the special needs students, and then expects miracles.
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    I've been in this situation on both sides. I worked as a special education teacher who co-taught a math class (now they weren't all the low kids, but most were low) and I've taught as a math teacher who co-taught a math class (these were mostly low kids as well).

    The trick is to really differentiate instruction. Plan to have at least two lessons going on daily. I usually gave two or three lessons and my special education teacher gave a lesson. Everything was done in small group after a little warm up.

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