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    A new year began in 5th grade starting on August 9th here. I am so pleased that the students are really excited with Measel and the Wrath Monk that they are reading now. They love it! I have spent lots of time trying to find the best 5th grade books for the classroom. These are some that can't miss. Here is the list of books I plan on using this year.

    TO USE FOR LITERATURE STUDIES (Students read these class sets)
    1. Measel and the Wrath Monk
    2. Because of Winn Dixie
    3. The Girl Who Owned a City
    4. The Pushcart War
    5. The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine
    6. Loser
    7. Hatchet
    8. The Watsons Go to Birmingham*
    9. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
    10. Bridge to Terabithia
    11. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    12. The Cay
    13.The Ghost of Fossil Glen
    14. Maniac Magee


    1. The Blue Man by Kin Platt (out of print)
    2. Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
    3. The House With a Clock In Its Walls by John Bellairs
    4. Shoeless Joe and Me by Dan Gutman
    5. The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt
    6. Small Steps by Louis Sachar
    7. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
    8. The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements
    9. A Shining Season by James Buchanon (out of print)
    10. Firegirl by Tony Abbott
    11. The Word Eater by Mary Amato.
    12. Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie
    13. Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

    **A couple of the read alouds have a few objectionable words that I will of course be leaving out. Please read these before considering using them. Enjoy!

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