Grad School Assignment - Questions for teachers with ENL/ELL experience

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    Hi! I currently teach 5th grade in NYS - I am taking a few grad classes for my sped certificate and to apply for my TESOL certification within the next year. I need to interview a teacher that is currently practicing or has experience with teaching ELL's.(Virtual interview has been approved via an online platform - so something like this is okay!) While most people go to the teachers in their buildings - I want to hear experiences of people that I do not know. I appreciate any and all input. If you like to do surveys - please consider this! I am also being asked to get the email and location of the teacher (I can provide my email for this). This counts as hours towards my degree program - and I would be happy to give you the name of my school, degree program and class. If my professor had any questions about the "validity" of the interview - she would reach out and ask if you did, in fact, answer the questions. I'm sure there have been, and will be students that fake the interview. But anyway - below you will find the questions. Thank you! :)

    1. How long have you been a bilingual or ENL teacher?
    2. Background
    a. What grade level /subject areas do you currently teach? How long have
    you taught at this level?
    b. What grade levels/subject areas have you taught in the past? How long did
    you teach at these levels?
    3. How do you refer to your students? (ELLs, emerging bilinguals, etc.) Why? Has
    this changed over the years?
    4. In what ways do the home language and new language progressions inform what
    you do in the classroom? (planning, material selection, grouping, assessment,
    a. In what ways has your planning changed over the years?
    5. What kinds of accommodations are available for students learning ENL?
    a. What accommodations did you find to be the most effective?
    6. Can you talk about the value of communication between teachers? How much
    planning did you/ do you do with other teachers that also see your learners?
    7. What tips/ advice would you give about developing connections and relationships
    with parents and families?
    8. What type of activities have you found to be most effective when teaching a
    child who is bilingual, even though you are not bilingual yourself?

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