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    Black Queen Platform Bed Frame with Drawers Review
    Due to population across the world, space adequate space to build large homes is a thing of the past. To save space in the bedroom, most people today are going for platform beds with shelves.

    Such a bed eliminates the idea of bringing up a piece of extra furniture to the bedroom for storage purposes. When going to the market to choose such beds, there are several important factors to consider. Before we look at some of the best storage beds in the market, let us look at the essential factors to consider when choosing a queen size storage bed. Read more

    · Space

    How much storage space are you looking for? If you are looking to store small items like towels, sheets, shoes, etc. a platform bed with shelve suits you. However, if you are looking to store large bags, under bed storage is most suitable for you.

    · Surrounding

    Ensure that there is enough space around the bed to open the storage space. Moving your staff every time you are getting your things is not a good idea. If the storage space is hydraulic, ensure that the lid does not knock over the headlights when opening it. The bottom line here is for you to have enough space to pull out the drawer.

    · Bedroom Size

    Before going to the market, it is essential to measure the size of your bedroom. No matter how good the bed can be, if it does not fit your bedroom, it is not good enough. It is easy to bring home a platform bed frame that matches the dimension of your room but with a headboard that is too tall.

    · Compatibility

    There are instances where a customer will buy a platform bed with a headboard and footboard not compatible. In such a case, the alignment will not be properly, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep. Thus, always check the compatibility of every component before purchasing the bed frame.

    · Weight

    Because there will be the extra weight of things you are looking to store, always check the weight capacity of the bed you are about to purchase before purchasing it. The weight capacity indicated should comfortably accommodate both your weight and that of your partner and things you are looking to store.

    · Budget

    What does your budget look like? The best thing about this is that you will always find something that suits your budget. However, it would help if you were very careful not to limit your budget too much and end up going for a substandard bed. Remember, this is a piece of furniture that will stay with you for probably more than a decade. Read more

    Top Black Queen Platform Bed Frame with Drawers

    1) Prepac Queen Sonoma Platform Bed

    If you are looking for a stylish queen platform bed that suits your small bedroom, this is a storage bed for you. The queen platform bed has six drawers, three on each side. Its drawers are made to slide smoothly into and out and are easy to operate.

    If you must know, the platform bed does not need any expertise to assemble. In terms of durability, the bed frame is made from high-quality hardwood. Its wooden slats are tightly arranged to ensure that your mattress does not sag.

    2) Phoenix Contemporary Queen Bookcase Bed

    The main components of this platform bed are four storage shelves and a headboard. Also, under bed storage is large enough to store some of your staff. If your interest is in style, the cappuccino used in the finish is impressive. The queen size platform bed is made high-quality material that assures you of durability.

    Apart from the queen size platform bed, the bed comes from three others sizes; queen size platform bed and California King. It comes with carefully arranged wooden slats to prevent sagging. The platform bed comes with eight drawers. Also, beneath the bed is a spacious space enough to keep some of your staff.

    3) South Shore Step One Queen Platform Bed

    The classic queen platform bed comes with two drawers on each side. If you are operating under a limited space in your room, this type of bed frame is especially suitable for you. Furthermore, the platform bed is made from environmentally friendly materials.

    Also, it has a laminated panel explicitly made to give adequate support to any mattress of your choice. Its shelves are large enough to accommodate things like cloth, pillows, and shows. The queen platform bed is simple to assemble. Lastly, the queen platform bed is affordable compared to other bed frames of almost similar types.

    4) Mellow Modern Upholstered Bed

    The platform bed has an elegant design with a contemporary design. With this type of bed, you have no need to use a box spring since it has wooden slats sturdy enough to hold the mattress as required. Unlike many other beds with internal storage space, it has a classic ottoman downwards. Its storage space can comfortably accommodate pillows, bed sheets, or any other piece of cloth.

    The queen platform bed is easy to assemble and has an elegantly designed and simple headboard. Another thing you should know about this type of platform bed is that its storage space stands independently with four legs.

    5) DHP Rose Queen Platform Bed

    DHP Rose queen platform bed provides a perfect combination of quality and storage space. Its headboard is graced with an upholstered velvet foundation with button details on it. Its perfectly fitted bentwood slats kill the need for a box spring.

    In addition to the ordinary four legs, its base has extra legs to provide the needed sturdiness. If you have a problem with space in your bedroom, the platform bed has four spacious drawers.

    Bed frames determine the look of your bedroom. They are the most prominent aspect of your bedroom. After looking at all the considerations, take your time, and compare various types of black queen platform bed available in the market. While the list provided above presents some of the best platform beds in the market, a reasonable bed frame is that which suits your needs. Finally, take home a piece of furniture that assures you quality sleep and one that you will not change anytime soon.
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