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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Grampa Charlie, May 28, 2020.

  1. May 28, 2020

    I would appreciate suggestions for education tools or applications for kids ages 3-7. They can be applications that are used online or installed on my computer. I would prefer apps that are progressive -- that is, they keep track of progress and adjust the content accordingly, focusing more on difficult material. It would also be great if they included some games or contests to keep the kid's interest up.

    I have 3 grandkids who live about 2 hours away. We used to see them quite often, but with the pandemic, we haven't seen them in person for months. When I used to see them in person, I would read to them or have the older one read to me and I'd help them with homework or play games with them or do puzzles.

    The oldest is a girl, age 6 (almost 7), who is just finishing 1st grade. She is reading quite well. Next is a boy, age 5. He will start kindergarten next year. He is learning about numbers and recognizing a few words. The baby is a girl, age 3. She is a pistol. She makes it difficult for the mom to teach the other two, because she needs constant attention and wants to be part of everything.

    Now that they cannot go to school, the parents are really swamped trying to balance work and home schooling. We do a family zoom call once or twice a week. The kids really enjoy it. This week I volunteered to do a Zoom call with each one individually to help with their homework and just to keep one of them out their mom's hair so she could work with the others with fewer interruptions. I downloaded a bunch of ebooks in each age range to the Kindle app on my computer.

    We had our first call this afternoon. The mom started the Zoom call. I started with the boy, then the 3 year old, and finally the 6 year old. I opened my Kindle app to a collection of books for each child and shared my screen. They then chose the ones they wanted to read. This went really well. All 3 kids loved the experience and wanted more.

    So we'll do that again, but I want to do more than just read to them. I will try helping them with their homework, but I'd really like to find a way to teach them something, too. If anyone has any experience with educational apps for kids in these ages, I would love to know about them.

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    May 28, 2020

    It's great that you are helping out your grandchildren! The older ones may like There are also some fun educational games on ABCmouse might be better for the younger one.
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    May 29, 2020 is something I got for my kindergartners. I really like it!
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    The science kids website can is great for all the ages of your grandchildren, and it is free! This website provides students an interactive way to reinforce new concepts and conduct virtual experiments. It's a great website for kids to explore independently, but it does provide quizzes and projects that can be teacher assigned. The virtual experiments provide the opportunity for hypotheses and discovery without needing to have all of the resources at home. There is an abundance of examples of experiments that can also be used to teach the same concept but with different experimental design and materials.
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    Oct 20, 2020

    khan academy

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