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Discussion in 'Substitute Teachers' started by jen12, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Aug 31, 2011

    What are your goals and hopes for this year? Although I'd hoped to be contracted by this point, I'm trying to turn a third year of subbing into a more productive experience. I feel like I have classroom management down, (although there are always exceptional groups) and I know I'm good at the actual teaching part. Here are my goals and hopes for this year:

    *** NOT TO GET SICK!!! Although last year was healthier than the year before judging by days I missed due to illness, I want to do better this year. I'm planning to do a full marathon in March for my birthday and endurance training kills your immune system. I don't want to miss my event due to illness.

    ***Ask for letters of recommendation. Last year I was fortunate enough to get a LTS position where I worked in four different rooms on a daily basis and the teachers witnessed my work. I asked two of them to write letters for me. One came through. Lesson here - ask for more than you really need.

    ***To get another LTS job. Ideally with kindergarteners, since that is my desired grade level, but I would love to get called back to do the interventon work I did last year. That gave me a great deal of flexibility.

    ****Be more of a presence among the staff. I'll still probably hide out in the classroom during lunch most of the time, especially because I tend to work in lower grades and just need to rest my voice for a little while, but each staff room is different and there are some schools where they recognize me because I'm there often. This could lead to more work, and even though the networking and socializing are not my greatest talents, I need to use it to my advantage. I'm also resolving to introduce myself to the teachers in the rooms around where I'm working to hand out my contact cards.

    I think that's it for now....other subs? What are your plans?
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    Aug 31, 2011

    My plan is to work as much as possible, and to branch out to other schools. This is my first year of full time subbing since I just graduated in May and I have only been subbing at one or two schools.

    I also would love to be considered for a LTS position. I am trying to work on my classroom management since that was one of my hardest parts of student teaching.

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