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    Oct 10, 2002

    Can anyone share an effective way of planning lesson plans to meet the needs of 9 students all on completely different levels? Do you use their IEPs and check off the goals that are mastered, or do you have a better way of doing it ? How do you assess their work? How do you keep data (graphing)? I use to teach in a private school for autism and we graphed their work daily. Most of the goals were for early learners (touch nose, stand up, etc.) The criteria for mastery was 90% or better for 2 days in a row. This year I am in a public middle school with autistic students. Some of the goals are (understanding $ concepts, adding 2 digit numbers, subtraction with and without regrouping). I don't have the same support or time in the Public School as I did in the private. I don't leave until 5pm some nights as I am trying to assess work and plan for the next day. The paraprofessionals are released when the students leave, which leaves no time for graohing.
    I want to plan and assess correctly. Any ideas???


    - sorry for babbling...
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    Oct 11, 2002

    I have a chart with my kids goals (pre-k kids). I fill it in weekly. I have codes, which as correspond to the report card. E=skill is emerging
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    Sorry I tried to sign in in mid-stream and it didn't work.... anyways my codes are E=skill is emerging, S=knows skill sometimes or partially, C=knows skill constantly, M=mastered
    I believe that weekly documentation is fine, you don't always work on every skill every day, but do in a weeks time. Lots of my goals are observation based (like follows step directions, stays in a center for 10 minutes, uses a cup with no spillage), therefore this system works best for me.

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