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    I am a first grade teacher and my gifted son is in 7th grade. He was identified as gifted in the third grade. The gifted teacher in elementary did an awesome job with the gifted program. The gifted program this year in MS is newspaper. All the gifted students are in a class together that publishes a newspaper twice a month or so. Writing for a newspaper was never of interest to my son, but we are stuck. I intend to have him removed from the class for next semester and the teacher can service him (a whopping half hour a week) some other time.

    I could go off in a different direction here about these gifted children who could truly make a difference in our communities and our world; yet our educational systems seem to keep a cap on them. I understand the suicide rate and drop out rate of gifted high schoolers is high. It seems that as a society, we should support these accelerated students with more money and more educational opportunities...but that was not the purpose of this thread...

    The purpose is I would like to know what other middle schools are doing with their gifted programs. Please share! I'd like to have some information under my belt when I go talk to the powers that be to move my son out of the "gifted newspaper" class. Thx!
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    In our middle school the gifted kids work in centers. The students must complete 3 centers per year. Each center has several activities involved with it, so the students can be creative and work from all areas of the curriculum (math, English, science, social studies). The kids have about 200 centers to chose from. Examples of centers include:

    countries and world events (wars, Rosa Parks, etc.)
    cultures (Myan Empire, Pyramids and Egyptians)
    Literature (famous authors, classic novels)
    buisness (creating their own, studying paticular buisnesses throughout the world)
    science (ecology, biology, etc.)

    The kids like the freedom or choosing and working in areas they find interesting. I hope this helps you! :)
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    Our middle school kids are serviced much like our special education students. When I have children who are gifted in my subject, I have to make sure that I teach them on their levels. It has to be documented in the lesson plans as well.

    Differentiated instruction. . . it's difficult to get the hang of, but it's the only way to go!

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