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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by tinafirstgrade, Mar 31, 2007.

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    When I find out this summer what grade I will be teaching, I want to make lots of "stuff" all summer long. However, that will require me spending my own money for copies and materials. I won't have access for free lamination/free copies/free ink yet from the school. How can I prepare and make alot of things but not spend a fortune? I thought of just making 2 copies of certain papers so I can make an example with one of them and having the other as a master to copy when I am actually teaching. I will be teaching K-3 grade. Thanks for any helpful advice~!
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    You bring up an excellent point.

    What you're planning is what many of us do. We find things we like during the summer, and make 2 copies: one for our files and one to bring into school. During those first days of meetings, we Xerox what we need. As a new teacher in the district, there will definitely be several days of meetings, and they'll make a point of showing you how to use their machines.

    In the meantime, be prepared to spend some of your own money too.(Yeah, I know: what money??) As I understand it, most elementary teachers hit garage sales all year building up their classroom libraries. I know I hit the local teacher supply store each summer for new posters, border and the plan/grade book I prefer. (We're given one of each, I just like mine better.)
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    The first thing you need to do is work on your classroom management system, starting with procedures, and put it in writing. You can tweak it as you get closer to the school year. That will be the MOST important thing you can do this summer. Plan on spending at least the first week teaching, modeling, and practicing it. Make sure you have a procedure for EVERYthing.

    Match your books to the curriculum, keeping in mind that your books are not your curriculum. When hired, find out if your school has a curriculum map.

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by certain papers, but if you are referring to worksheets, you may want to wait until you see your resources. No point in re-inventing the wheel. Also, some schools are VERY scripted, not giving you the freedom to use your own ws. My dil just finished st in just that type of school.

    Planning your BB boards would REALLY be helpful to you. But find out if you have any restrictions on your BB. Some schools insist that all BB must display only student work, so you will have to keep that in mind. We use our ISD to use the Ellison machine for figures, letters, etc. They also have a laminating machine. I have not used ours in a number of years, but at one time it was free. That was open all summer. We just had to make an appointment as they only allowed x number of teachers at time because of space - especially in August. All we needed was some type of proof that we were employees of a school in the ISD. My son was given enough things when he was hired at his school that he had plenty of proof.

    Some schools allow teachers access to the building during the summer to work, so make certain you find that out when you are hired. You may have to work around cleaning crews and come to school one day to find you do not have access to your hallway or whatever because of it, however.

    Good luck. This is an exciting time for you.
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    My favorite time during the summer months are spent visiting garage sales and flea markets. Oh, what fun!

    I look for books, books, books. Books for the kids to read in our classroom library and books to use in teaching units (look for books that hit on topics like fall, winter, spring, friendship, etc.).

    Other hot items are:
    a comfortable chair or two for yourself- like a rocking chair or director's chair
    playing cards
    lamp for reading corner
    music cds

    I also suggest collecting sets of dice, domino sets, other math manipulatives like marbles, beans, counters, etc.

    Get yourself a whistle and perhaps set up your stock of supplies for your desk like a toothbrush and toothpaste, breath mints, etc.

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