Getting Hired w/ Alt. Certification in Rural Texas or Arkansas?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by jjm1, Jun 6, 2021.

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    Jun 6, 2021

    Hi. I am interested in obtaining an alternative teaching certificate for teaching in a conservative rural community. Reason for the specific arena- I am not interested in working in an environment that promotes modern left leaning stuff, or in an environment where kids are prone to being from rough urban areas. I have substituted at a district in a large city and found that kind of circumstance too much for me personally. With that stated, I've also subbed in another environment absent of these factors and found the job doable. For these reasons, I strongly prefer to be in a rural and conservative environment.
    My background- Have a MA in Literary studies and a Bachelor's in Religion. Have a CELTA and taught in China for 8 years. Not bilingual.

    So the questions are-
    1. What are the chances of being hired in a rural district with an alternative certification in English? (Because of educational background I think certification would need to be ELAR 4-8 or ELAR 7-12)
    2. What is the demand like in Arkansas for English teachers?
    If you have any other thoughts I would greatly appreciate the input.

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