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    Hi everyone ,

    I have written here before. I am from Rhode Island but it turns out that in R.I. I can't even be admitted to an alternative route without past student teaching experience and unfortunately in college I did not have the traditional student teaching experience. I hold a Bachelor's in English from a European University which was evaluated here and recognized as a B.A. So I am looking into getting certified in Mass. because it seems to be a lot easier as I was told by the DOE. As far as I understand there are 3 ways to get certified in Mass.

    1. Pass the Mtel exams
    2. Go through an alternative certification program
    3. Get a masters degree in MAT

    Getting certified through passing the exams would not give me an opportunity to student teach as far as I understand. Has anybody here had any experience with alternative certification programs in Massachusetts? What are your opinions? What are my chances to get hired with an ARC? Is it worth investing in a MAT degree without any teaching experience....again I am so confused about all of this I don't want to make any decisions that I am going to regret later....I would greatly appreciate it if someone from Mass. would enlighten me.

    Thanks in advance :help::wub:

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