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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Kate Change, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Oct 17, 2010

    I don't want to go into specifics, but I have a very diverse class, with two students in particular who I don't believe should be in my program. One is very high functioning and has behaviors which can be controlled with a visual schedule and a reinforcement schedule. The behaviors are non-aggressive. I believe this student is ready for a more inclusive setting. The other student is tragically impaired. After four years of schooling only behavioral/social gains have been made. Essentially, no academic progress at all. I believe that this child needs a more intensive placement, partially because I am having trouble preventing injuries with such a large class size. So far, none of the injuries have been serious, but I can't seem to stop them from happening.

    I'm doing my best to differentiate to all of my students, but I feel like I am failing all of them with such a broad spectrum of needs. I have asked for help, admin says I am doing fine and doesn't have time to come in and observe. My resource teams feels that the two students should not be in my class, but is powerless to affect this change without admins approval. Admin has made it clear that absolutely no change in placement will occur for either student. I have made a particular stink about the child who keeps getting hurt. Admin says that the injuries would happen in any setting and there is nothing to be done. I feel that a smaller class setting geared towards students with similar needs would be safer, but when I had the district send someone, they said there is no place that actually would be suitable.

    I am stuck and admin has recently told me that they would like me to loop with this class. I had hoped to propose that we redistribute classes so that one has students with more intense needs and one has students with less intense needs so that next year the differentiation will not be so hard.

    I am at the point now where I am trying to convince myself that all I can do is my best. I have fought the good fight and lost, but feeling that way makes it hard to go to work in the mornings.

    I would ask for a transfer at the end of the year, but I know we are facing budget cuts and money is very tight right now with medical bills. These are great kids and they deserve better than what they are getting. How do you handle this feeling? Most of them are making gains and we have good times, but I just feel that this is wrong for them. :help:
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    Call for an IEP meeting for a change of placement.

    If the students are not placed in their LRE, you could file an anonymous complaint against the school for being out of compliance.
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    In the past, I have had to go to my principal over my assistant principal insistence over placing a student with learning disabilities in my mild autism class. He was removed within 2 days. I wasn't in my assistant principal's good book after that (because she got in trouble) but it was the best thing for this student.

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