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    The summer shopping list thread got me started thinking about this:

    I don't know about your district, but in mine, the computers are old, and no regular, preventative maintenance is done on them. This can cause SERIOUS problems. I used to work for a "mom & pop" computer repair & building company, so I am appalled at the condition of the computers in our schools. If you want your students' (and your teacher) computers to last, here's something you can do to help:

    Buy some compressed air (in a can - several cans, in fact). NEVER spray it from the outside into the computers, this will compound problems! Open the computer case (desktops only). Then, using the compressed air, blow out all the gunk that has collected inside. Be sure to blow out the fan/cpu area, and the vents from the inside out. DO NOT USE A BLOW DRYER - THIS WILL FRY YOUR COMPUTERS! Once you have blown out everything you can, then close the computer (making sure the case clicks into place) and move on to your next computer. Is it a nasty job? Yes, but no one else is going to do it! Not only will your computers last longer, they will also generally run a little faster! Also, if you DON'T do it, your computers become a real fire hazard!

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