Gardening and bird watching/listening for classrooms

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    Visit the Cornell Lab’s website at .

    Garden Grants Are Back! BirdSleuth will award 10 grants to teachers who want to create or improve bird-friendly, kid-friendly gardens at their schools. Grants range from $500 to $2,000, thanks to our sponsor Alaska Fertilizer. Learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

    Free Webinar Series: Every month we offer a new webinar on topics ranging from evolution to gardens, and scientific inquiry. Check out the series and register.

    Explore this Fall: Ignite curiosity with the "BirdSleuth Explorer’s Guidebook.” Take kids on a scavenger hunt, do a sound map activity, and take bird watching challenges.Download your free copy.

    Join the (Bird) Club
    Kids and parents can share their love of birds in the Wild Bird Club. Each month the club's website features a variety of activities, quizzes, bird news, and other tips. You can also sign up for a free monthly newsletter. The Wild Bird Club is jointly produced by the Cornell Lab and Pennington®, the Bird Food People.
    Stay In Touch On Facebook:Please join our community of over 675,000 fans for a daily dose of bird quizzes, gorgeous videos, fascinating articles, and tons of photos.

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