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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by TeacherWhoRuns, Oct 31, 2015.

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    I'm teaching first grade RTI this year, so I was hired after school started and any supplies the school paid for were already snatched up. I have very little left from last year other than some games I bought and made. This month alone I purchased over $80 worth of things, mostly consumables, but also some things that are more in the "tools" category like bulletin board borders, a letter line, a new stapler, etc. I've plowed through my own craft supplies in order to see what I already have that can be repurposed for school.
    I've purchased books little by little over the years I subbed and even way back when I taught preschool. Today I wandered into a "Friends of the Library" sale at my local library and picked up some paperback picture books for a quarter each. That excited me more than it probably should have. do you obtain things for your classroom without breaking the bank? Before I got my teaching credential, I worked in Corporate America and when I look back at how much was thrown away and purchased but never used, it makes me twitchy. What are your secrets for saving money, yet having a nice room with resources for your kids?
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    First key is to take your school's resources and use them to utmost maximum... if you have access to butcher paper, construction paper, cardstock and/or a laminator, you have the tools to make just about every classroom decor item you will ever need.

    As far as books go... library sales are always the best, or used book stores in general. Goodwill type stores will generally have books. The Scholastic Reading Club is great (though probably not an option in your position).

    Not quite what you're looking for... but one thing I do is set a budget for the year and stick to it. I typically allot $200 to my classroom. If I'm down to $3.00 and I find a cool book for $3.50... too bad, maybe I'll get it next year. That's the biggest thing I think any teacher needs to do.
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    The library sales are great places to add to your class library. Keep an eye out at yard/garage sales and sale sites on Facebook. Sometimes you can get a lot of books on EBay.

    Sadly, spending a hundred bucks a month is about the norm among the people I work with as we have very small school budgets. I know of people in wealthier districts who don't spend a dime of their own money, but I've never had that luxury. After over twenty years, I don't buy as much anymore but I still spend about fifty a month.
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    Post on facebook if you have a local garage sale site for items. I got about 25 or 30 books that parents sent me after asking for super low AR books. I get craft supplies and items for my class on there. I contacted a local sign company to get vinyl donated that I used to decorate with. I also contacted local sewing group to make items for my classroom. Ask! Your community wants to help, they just don't know how.
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    Some local business may give money/grants away to help out the school. I contacted businesses around my school this year and asked for four new microscopes. Luckily I got a hold of the right people and they made it happen. Now I have $1000 worth of new microscopes in my class.

    This may not work for you in this situation but couldn't hurt to try.

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