Fun monthly gift subscription box ideas!

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    For the past few years, I've tried a few monthly gift box subscriptions to try out different companies.

    You can just get 1 month or sign up for 3,6,or even 12 months (which would give you a little discount)

    I have tried PopSugar Must Have box a few times (due to the cost, I have tried some around the holiday months like now and my birthday month for fun) get a surprise assortment of what the editors think are the must haves for home/beauty so it's tailored for college and up ladies!

    You can sign up here:
    (and I'd get a little referral reward if you use my link but I thought since December is coming up maybe someone wants a fun surprise gift box for themselves or to give to another person.... *I usually gift what I don't think I'll use to a friend but most of the things that come are indeed new to me---I use the double glass walled mugs almost daily that was just "one" item in a previous box!)

    The other subscription box I have still been getting monthly for about two years now because I love the price, the new little samples to try, and the fact that they donate a meal to a child in need is a wonderful idea!

    You can sign up here for the Love With Food box: (it's about $10/month and again they donate a meal to a child in need)

    :) I hope this gives someone a great new gift idea for yourself/family or as a gift to give! :) (You can choose gift subscription too and choose the address you want it sent to or just enter your own address) :thumb:

    There are other sub boxes I've tried too but these are some fun ones.
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