fun math activities for last 8 weeks of school

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by teacherhoosier, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Apr 3, 2011

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend..we have 40 days left of school (8 weeks)..I am sitting here looking at my curriculum map and wondering what kinds of activities I can do with the following topics to keep my students' interest..most of the topics are ones that have been introduced in previous nine weeks..

    Here are some of the topics
    Sort/classify by shape, size, color (we have been working on this since day 1, and my kids can do it pretty well)
    Measure lengths of objects using non-standard units of measurement (we have done work as a whole class and the students have had several opportunities to measure objects individually)
    measuring the weights of objects using a balance/scale (have done several time)
    temperature-we have talked about it...but I am at a blank of what to do next...
    Clocks-calendars..we have talked about them, but most of them don't understand the concept of time..which I know is normal for this age...
    addition/subtraction-we review this every day
    Story problems-again, review on everyday

    I was thinking on Fridays of having some math rotations for students to do on these various concepts..I used to have math centers the first semester, but I have phased them out because I wanted to get some science/social studies time in at the end of the day, and plus, my principal wanted me to phase them out...

    Any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated..thank you!
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    Apr 3, 2011

    With temperature can you give them different liquids to measure the temperature of. Maybe they can guess first and then try to figure it out.

    You could do different pictures of weather or activities and have them match the temperatures.

    For measuring, give them different objects to find the weight of.
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    Sorting of course can be done with lots of different cool stuff, don't forget to provide a graph so they can graph them-- both a row-and-column graph, and a venn diagram if you have used those.

    Have you done card games? War, Go Fish, Memory Match etc. Start by giving each child one suit of just Ace-10. They partner with another, gradually add face cards and more partners.

    Measurement-- use different body parts to measure. hands, arms, finger width, shoulder width, etc.

    We do calendar every day but this time of year I do more with the sequence, as in, What day was it yesterday? What day will it be two days from now? What month comes after August? etc.
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    Apr 3, 2011

    I like the idea of doing different center rotations,

    here on this site there are some cute printables, if you scroll all the way down there is an activity called mouse measuring. Centers/April/april_centers.htm (scroll down and you will see a printable for dice graph activity) (graphing ideas)

    jellybean graphing activity: (teddy grahm graphing)
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    Measuring anything would be great....I like Mopar's temperature ideas. Also, silmarienne mentioned card games like go fish and war, there are some other fun card games at positive engagement project in their downloads like the card sort, make ten, odds or evens, and a lot more depending on your groups ability.

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