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Discussion in 'Other Tests' started by TeachinginFL, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Hello! The only study guide I could find online for the Florida Visually Impaired (Visually Impaired Secrets) examination has 1 review on Amazon and it wasn't good. There was a flash card set as well but that didn't receive good reviews either. Does anyone have any experience with either studying for this exam (or a similar visually impaired exam in another state) or passing it? I could use some advice. Thank you!
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    This is more a test of teaching savvy than it is of basic skills or subject matter, so it's been moved to the Other Tests subforum.

    Not all states have distinct licenses for teaching the visually impaired, so the target market for a study guide is fairly small, and this translates into much less effort on the part of the test-preparation publisher. Your best bet - especially if you do already know something about teaching the visually impaired - is to make your own guide.

    Start with the Competencies for the test, and look up every term you don't already know thoroughly - Wikipedia can be very helpful here, and do pay attention to the links at the end of the article. You might also search the website of FLDOE for content on teaching the visually impaired specifically and special education generally: a test like this is bound to refer to topics that are valid in special education generally. If you see a link to an organization of teachers of the visually impaired, follow it: it's likely to be useful.

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