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Discussion in 'General Education Archives' started by teacherkasey, Nov 6, 2002.

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    Nov 6, 2002

    I teach full day Kindergarten in a day care center. My kids will go to public school first grade next year. I had a schedule set up at the beginning of the year and have refined it since then to fit the students needs and wants better. However, the problem is that I feel that any schedule I try is not working because the kids arrive as early as 6:45 am or as late as 9 am. We urged parents to have their children there before 9 am and the director has even told one mother that her she has to have her daughter there before 9 because the public school may look at her attendance record from KG and deny her access into public school because of her excess lateness. Some parents still don't seem to care.

    I feel like I cannot get everything done in my day because the children come in at different times and leave whenever they want. I can't tell parents their child has to be at school till a certain time. How can I fit everything in?????? At 9 I start circle time, until 9:30-9:45; then snack and station till 10. I want to wok with small groups from 10-10:45 so I can work with individual children from 10:45-11:15 but that never seems to happen. Small groups run too long or something else seems to happen. Then it's time for circle two, recess, lunch, and nap time. They get up at 2:30, circle 3 from 2:45-3:15, then snack and stations. During this time a lot of the children are leaving.

    What can I do with my day to make sure I get the one-on-one these children desperately need? Most of my children need a lot of attention and I feel this one-on-one is crucial for them!!! Please help!!!!!
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    Take advantage of the early arrivals and do one-on-one with a few of them per day. Make sure to get some quality time with the late ones in the afternoon. If you can pull one or two from centers a day, that should help. I never feel as though I have enough time in a week either. My children leave the room frequently for specials - too often as far as I'm concerned (though I need the break). I just try to keep to a reasonable schedule. Are you trying to do too much in small group time? Are the resources prepared and ready to go? Are you spread too thin? Remember to be good to yourself every day!!!
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    I have had this problem, too. SOme parents just don't care, so you have to realize you can only do so much. I would plan to start at 9:30 and don't go crazy trying to make up time with kids who come late. Do what you can with them while they are there. As far as the time between 6:45 and 9:30, I would use that time as extra time (it is a long time). I don't know if you are planning that time or not, but they can pretty much have free time, maybe have breakfast, have time to look at books or use an indoor playground or gym for awhile or something and have class start at 9:30. Of course, you can always use that extra time to get some of the one-on-one in if you want to!

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