From 6th to 8th/9th Math?

Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by Lovetoteachkids, Feb 23, 2008.

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    How would you compare 6th graders to 8th/9th graders? I've actually never set foot in a jr high since I was that age!! I really love what I'm doing now (middle school math/social studies) but for many reasons, would like to try the jump up to jr high. So I'd be going from a 5th-7th grade building to an 8th-9th grade building. I would love to focus on math and try it out but I'm nervous because I do like what I'm doing now...but will always wonder if I would like jr high more if I don't give it a shot, right? school is awesome, but one reason I am considering this change is due to a change in our hours for next year at the middle school.
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    I have not worked with 9th graders, but have worked with 6-8th graders this year. My main grade is 8th.

    6th graders seem much easier to handle to me. They don't require quite as much work to establish rules and procedures because they still have a shred of listening to adults just because they are adults in them at that age. Many of them also still seem to be interested in learning for the sake of learning. Maybe it hasn't yet occurred to them that they have a choice? Not sure what all forces are at work here, but they seem to hit the books easier. :2cents:

    By 8th grade, they are neck-deep in developing their personal and social identity so they are pushing every boundary. Even completely bizarre pointless ones. Rebel without a cause is in full force in 8th grade. :lol: So I've found that it takes more work to keep them focused on anything other than their boyfriend/girlfriend, cell phone or what's happening that weekend, but I also love this age. They are fiery, opinionated, energetic and make for some really interesting work days. Now, I teach English so we debate a lot on social issues raised in books. 8th graders are GREAT at debating. :p

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