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    I am just curious...Would anyone be willing to tell me
    1. How many frameworks they are required to teach?
    2. The one framework that makes yoougo "huh"?
    For me, I have :
    Language Arts-124
    Social Studies-48
    P.E.-30 (even though we have a p.e. teacher, we are responsible for
    for 30)
    Now, the one that makes me go ??? Believe me, there are SO many I could choose. Maybe the Language Arts one that says "Form a mental picture from text read by the teacher, including story elements or descriptions" Am I supposed to really know if a child did this? Now, I have to write that frameworks # in my plan book on the day I "teach" that "skill"-what is the pioint if it is something that I can't assess that they did? Seems like a waste of time-time that could be spent on more important real skills. And we wonder why we are ready to pull our hair out! We have so many frameworks that I am required to keep a record of that make very little sense or overlap-I feel so much of that time is being taken away from other things that I really do need to teach. When you have this many frameworks, you don't get to spend quality time on very much, even if many lessons cover multiple standards.
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    That sounds like a nightmare.

    For the mental image, though, just have them draw pictures on whiteboards periodically during the reading.

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