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    Well today we finished up Math Wizards Final version and prepared it for release. After I got the website setup to distribute it, I started working on the Math wizards Expansion Pack 1. As I was working on it, I had a idea for teachers. I know you guys spend tons of money on stuff to deco your classrooms so I came up with some Math Wizard Themed Deco Art for you guys.

    The Art will be released in the scrapbook folder in the Math Wizards Expansion-1 folder but I'm giving you guys a sneak peak and a free copy. Those wondering about the game and its details. Here is a basic break down so far:

    The Game Math Wizards (Base Game) Price:Free
    Math Wizards Expansion Packs Price:$5.00 (U.S.) or less

    I would just give the game and expansions away for free but I got to eat too lol If you add the expansion pack 1 to the base game, you will have over 900 math problems to solve currently. Basicly alot of math problems lol I'll also be providing "Teacher Sheets" for the educators whom use the software and need to know answers for a particular problem. Anyway, here is a free scrapbook image for you guys to review and enjoy free!!!!


    Right Click image and Save As. You can use any printer basicly to print out the image, just becareful on resizing it. It may look weird if resized.

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