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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by littlemiskinder, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Hey all I have a huge dilemma and am very very stressed about it and was hoping to get some advice or suggestions.

    I had a student added to my class about two weeks ago from another country and she does not speak any English. As if this wasn't a challenge enough, she has proven to have extreme behaviors (long story short, she has been placed on an early dismissal schedule which she rarely makes it to her early dismissal time before having to get picked up; she has extreme tantrums where she cries, screams, kicks, punches, and throws herself onto the floor which occur periodically throughout the day; she attempts to run out of the classroom, lunchroom, and school throughout the day; and she has had to be removed from my room to be restrained numerous times). She is also taken out of the room for ELL for two periods daily (resulting in her instruction time with me at about 90mins).

    I have been told that this student must be included on my SGO and there doesn't seem to be any steps taken to give her a more appropriate placement (I have been told she must be at my school because it has the ELL program). Whenever I try to speak with my admins I feel like I'm being overly sensitive and annoying. I am told that she's adjusting. Just hoping to get some insight from others who may have had a similar situation? :dizzy:
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    Where is she from? I only ask because we have a lot of refugees in our school from Africa and Asia. Many of these kids who have spent their lives running from people who want them dead have a lot of emotional issues being away from their families because they'e scared. They'll throw tantrums sometimes, and sometimes shut down entirely. It's all about making them feel safe, and letting them know you'll take care of them if something happens.
    If it's not an issue like that, it may be she's frustrated. She's young (Kindergarten, yes?), and in a situation where she can't communicate. If that's the case, assign her a buddy, even if they can't communicate, have the buddy stand with her in line, play with her at recess, etc.
    Make sure you keep your schedule posted throughout the day, and be sure to use lots of pictures and pantomiming to communicate expectations, schedules, and other things to her.
    Good luck to you.
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    I agree with the above. As to the ELL pull-out time...ask yourself, if she doesn't speak English is she better served being taken for language development of sitting in your classes where she probably can't understand what is going on? I'm not trying to be snarky. As the ELL teacher I have worked with these kiddos who have no communicative language.

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