For those who have the same students in their classroom next year...

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    I teach a K-5 ESE self contained classroom, so I will have the same students in my classroom this upcoming school year. (I teach children with Autism, so I'm assuming there won't be too many additions to my class)

    School starts in 2 weeks, so I was thinking about sending each of my students a little letter to say hello, and maybe a little gift to get them excited about coming back.
    Has anyone ever done this? What did you do/send?
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    Jul 21, 2003

    Considering the children you are teaching, maybe you can create a simple social story book that includes pictures of you, the school, your classroom, cafeteria, etc. They are fun gifts and may help with the transition back to school :)
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    Send a postcard, and include a message that they can bring the card to orientation or first day and receive a prize. This will save on shipping costs and give you more time to put together something cute.
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    I teach K-6 Life Skills and I have the same kids year after year. I always send them a personal letter. Sometimes I tease them with a hint about something new for the classroom, or just send a nice note. I have sent home a large puzzle piece that I made out of oaktag and asked that the student and the family decorate it together and bring it to school on the first day. Then we assemble the pieces and make a bulletin board. This year I am sending a colorful lunch size paper bag with a letter and directions to put some items or photos, etc. from their vacation. Then we have a time to talk about what they did during their vacation time. I just saw one of my students in the store recently and he said he has been checking the mail for my letter. So I say you should definitely send them something.
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    Aug 13, 2003

    I teach a one/ two loop and am going into my second year. I too have two children with Autism. At the end of the year, I send a self address envelope with a nice letter asking my kids to write me during the summer. The kids love getting mail from their teacher. I'd send home a letter or personally write postcards telling them about the exciting new year! They will love it! If you are concerned about your children with autism consider adapting the letter with pictures.

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