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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Alyssa20, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! Next year I will be moving to Florida (from California) and am wondering the process (is it similar to California?: Bachelor Degree, CBEST, CSET, RICA, Program, 2-Year Preliminary Credential=Teaching Credential). I did some googling but felt a bit overwhelmed and discouraged with results. I came across that nearly 1,000 teachers lost their job because they couldn't pass the state test :( . This was very discouraging for me to see since I had passed my CBEST and all my CSETS; excluding the math CSET. I have my degree in Child Development and want to teach specifically lower elementary. I read that there is a specific PreK-3 credential in Florida, but I am now concerned with the State Test since so many people failed. Or is there different state testing depending on credential? I feel lost so I am hoping some Florida teachers can lead me in the right direction :) thanks everyone!
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    The first thing you need to do is submit your credentials to the Dept of Ed. They will issue you a Statement of Eligibility which will allow you to look for a job and complete the requirements they lay out for you. Many states have reciprocal agreements which will transfer your credentials to a Florida certificate without taking any other exams. I don't know about California.
    I know plenty of people who have passed the test the first time, so that shouldn't be something that you should worry about.
    For more details, please visit the certification area of the FLDOE. You may even want to call and speak to someone who would have the latest info for you.
    Good luck...and welcome to Florida! (When you get here)

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