Florida English Teachers: Questions About Journalism Cert.

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    Hi there!

    My husband is currently doing Teacher Ready, an online alternative cert. program through the University of West Florida. He's hoping to get certified in English 6-12, but we were looking today at the DOE's website and it says you need a B.A. in English or at least 30 credits in English courses (in addition to a cert. program and passing the state exams). Well, my husband has a B.A. in Journalism and took a lot of English courses in college, but not 30 credits worth. We noticed that there is a cert. available in journalism, but it seems like it might be done any with by December of this year. We currently don't live in Florida, but plan on moving there next summer, so we are trying to get his ducks in a row as he finishes up his cert. program.

    My questions are:
    1. Is it possible for him to get certified in English with his B.A. in journalism if he passes the state exams and finishes Teacher Ready?
    2. Does anyone know if Florida is going to keep their journalism cert?
    3. Does anyone here teach journalism in Florida who could shed some light on this?

    Thanks, everyone!

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