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    Every year I read the book "Flat Stanley" to my class to introduce geography and different cultures. We read the book, make one of our own Flat Stanleys and then send him off with a letter explaining what the recipients are to do. Basically, you keep him for a couple of weeks and then send him back with a letter explaining what he learned and did while he was with you (pictures are great too). We love when people send back little momentos from their neck of the woods, ie. a post card of the grand canyon, or a state flower. Twice people sent him back in outfits they made. I teach in an urban area where most kids don't get to go away that much so this really helps them learn about different types of areas in the world. When he comes back we record the state or country he has been to on a map with push-pins and yarn. It gives us a little taste of different parts of the world. Then we send him back out again. Someone's grandparents once put him on a sled and took a picture of him in the snow.

    Please email me back your schools address if you would like to help us out. We would really appreciate it. The kids love getting mail. We will mail you back a letter when we receive him to let you know "he got back ok"

    My email address is mschend@comcast.net

    Melissa from NJ :thanks:

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