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    Just a quick question. I'm a first year teacher and Parent/Teacher Conferences are this Tuesday. I'm not worried about most as I've talked to many parents already and had a lot of positive feedback.

    On progress reports, however, I requested two conferences due to failing grades. Upon asking whether Student A had been tested for special education, I found out that while she does not qualify for special education she was also not recommended for promotion twice. Her mom refused to hold her back both times. She has told me she never gets in trouble because her mom once freaked out on the principal about implying her children lie and is he is now intimidated by her. I've found this to be true as I've given her detentions before that he refused to sign off on.

    Student B failed English last year and is taking it for a second time. I've heard from other teachers that her mind is not on school because she has very serious issues (including rumors of physical abuse) going on at home. Both students turn in absolutely nothing for me.

    I've tried offering multiple modifications for them -- listen to the audiobook, take notes, replace your lowest quiz grade with this alternative assignment, etc. I've tried giving them detentions for not turning in any work. I've tried daily 20 minute "interventions" where I take away their free time during lunch and have them come in and work for me until the work is completed. However, as soon as I let up, they stop doing the work again. I can't hold their hands forever.

    Honestly, I did not expect either parent/guardian to heed my request and actually show up. This will be my first meeting with them. Do I request my admin. be with me during these two conferences and bring up these issues or do I meet and greet them on Tuesday and ask to schedule another meeting after Thanksgiving break?


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