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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Preschool0929, Jun 14, 2019.

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    I’ve been a self-contained sped/autism teacher for the past 8 years. Next year I’m moving positions (still at my school) to a K-5 resource teacher. I’m really excited for the change! I’m also learning that there’s a lot I don’t know about how things work in resource and having to share my students with gened....

    If a student does not have a 1:1 para, who completes their daily behavior charts/reinforcers? If I create a behavior chart that needs to be filled out between subjects/routines, is it realistic to ask to the gened teacher to do it? Same thing with a visual schedule, even though I want the student to be able to follow their schedule independently eventually, is it ok to ask the gened teacher to assist with this?

    I’m used to managing everything in 1 room, so any advice is helpful!
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    Not sure if this is the same, but at our school, the behavior chart went with the student and whoever had the student at the time filled it out, so.. that'd be the gen ed teacher for the main subjects, and the specials teachers during that time, if they went to anything else, like speech or OT or reading help, etc., it'd be that teacher.
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    I’m a general Ed teacher, and I’m always the one who fills out behavior tracking forms. The special education teacher is supposed to be in charge of modifying assignments and providing services like reading, scribing, and extended time for assignments. They see the kids for reading and/or math class and one special education class where they work on ability level skill work.
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    This is how it works in my experience too. You shouldn't feel bad or awkward about asking gen ed teachers to fill it out. It's your job to create the chart and track the data. It's their job to fill it out when they are responsible for the student.

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