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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by PreKandPixieDust, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Jul 4, 2019

    Hi everyone! I just received a phone call that I will be starting in a new building and teaching preschool after being a kindergarten teacher for years. We are working with Tools of the Mind curriculum and while I will not yet receive training on this until the end of the summer, I'm looking for ways to prepare for what I will need to prepare for my classroom set-up, etc.. so that I can be a bit more prepared.

    If anyone is working with this curriculum now, what are some key things that I can purchase or make over the summer for my new classroom? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated- either in the Tools of the Mind or preschool in general! Thank you!
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    Jul 5, 2019

    Congratulations! Glad to know you have something in place, and you can relax now...enjoy the rest of your summer!

    I personally have never heard of this curriculum. Hopefully someone else will stop by and offer ideas. Always interesting to hear about new programs.

    I think if you can give us a few more details, that might help in the suggestions we may provide.

    You say it's a new building. Is this an elementary school district, and the preschool is housed there? If so, is it a new program or existing program. Have you seen or worked with preschool teachers in that district before? Or, is it an independent, non-profit preschool program.

    If it is part of an elementary school, more than likely, there will be a separate, ECE director in charge of that program. I am certain most of the furniture and materials will already be set up for you, to maintain certain standards. I am sure you can stop by in August, and then you can visit your new room! Until you know the policies and procedures, I wouldn't rush out and buy a ton of stuff. But, use your offer letter to sign up for teacher discounts at all the stores!! You might get reimbursed, or able to use tax-exempt account, or get a budget/stipend to do your shopping.

    I would send an email to the principal, and ask if you will be getting information about new teacher orientation, and a schedule for setting up your classroom. Hopefully, there will be at least one other preschool classroom so you will have a new friend! If you are the only preschool classroom, you can still find support. Perhaps former preschool teachers may have moved up, and you can get ideas from them. I would ask your principal if there are former preschool teachers that you can contact - for support. I am certain he/she can appreciate that.

    So much is done digitally now.. I have seen an entire circle time done using a Smart Board.:( .I've rarely see paper calendars, behavior charts, or even attendance boards in elementary preschool classrooms. Kind of sad to me...I think children need visual reminders and tactile props they can handle as well.

    So, I would start with organizational materials for you, and containers to separate subject matter supplies for the kids. Some supplies may be available at your school as well. Focus on your calendar, behavior charts, birthday boards, parent info, and picking up puzzles, dry erase boards and markers, cups and buckets for storing art and writing materials, science/discovery items, manipulatives, etc.

    Good luck! So exciting having a new building, new class, new year!

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