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Discussion in 'Student & Preservice Teachers' started by hipteachergirl, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a good night. Tomorrow I get to start my new volunteer position. I am helping with a place called the Family Resource Center. It is an org here on campus that mainly benefits the residents of the family housing run by the college. I will be an assistant to the teachers of an ESL class for kiddos age 6-10. I am kind of nervous, because I've never been in an ESL class. I'm extremely excited about the experience though. I have some experience with Spanish and could do well with that, but these are predominately Asian students. Unfortunately, I know NO Asian language of any kind. Maybe a will pick up a little. Who knows? If anyone has suggestions about this, it would be great!
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    HI there! That's so great of you to volunteer for this center. I've worked as an ESL teacher in previous years and really loved it! It's a really rewarding job to have and I'm excited you'll get to experience some of this soon.
    Most centers will have great people like you helping out with the classes, so be prepared to do a lot of solid teaching support and individual based work with the students. I think the most important thing for assistants is diligence and initiative - being able to pre-empt what the teacher needs with minimum questioning. This of course will take some time as you get to know the teachers and the way they like to run their classes. But I just know you're going to really feel rewarded and encouraged at this center! There may also be some admin tasks on the side as most centers like this use their support staff on 2 levels - in class, and in an admin capacity. (At least mine did.)
    All the best with it and let everyone know how things are going!

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