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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by NewTeacher12345, Jan 28, 2020.

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    First Grade teachers/anyone with answers: I have noticed this year that first grade is a huge jump from kindergarten. In K they get lots of free play time plus recess. In first grade we just have a 25 minute recess. Does anyone else out their give their first graders extra time to play/free time? There is so much to get done in a day but I feel like its such a huge change for them to go from that much play time to hardly any at all. Sometimes I feel bad that theres so much work even though I try to make things fun/hands on opposed to worksheets/tests. Thanks!
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    We have 2 recesses and each is about 15 minutes in length. Our kindergarten doesn't do much more than this. They do more at the beginning of the year though.
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    I recently retired but here's how it worked for me. Our Ks have two 15 min recesses and play centers (kitchen, blocks, etc) for 45 mins in the afternoon. Grade 1 has only one 15 min recess. My kids complained during the first month of school about being tired, but that dissipated. I think they began to view our morning literacy centers as the "play time" of first grade because I included computer time, phonics games & puzzles, and artsy ways to practice spelling words. I talked a lot about them being big kids now with their own desks just like grades 2-5. They rose to the occasion. I did have "Fun Friday" as part of my class management plan - 20 min of fun centers on Friday afternoon for all those who earned it with mostly good behavior all week.

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