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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by MAteacher, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Jun 15, 2018

    Hi all,

    So I have to submit a video lesson of a first grade phonics lesson for the final round of my interview process for a first grade position. I have to submit the lesson by Tuesday.

    I currently teach 2nd grade and we use Fundations for our phonics, but that's not something I would like to showcase. Do you guys have any really fun phonics lessons, I could do with my kids? I really really would like to get this job.

    My biggest struggle is that everything seems too easy, but of course, I am teaching 2nd graders at the end of June soooo. Anyway, here are my thoughts thus far:

    Introduction (I DO) - 5 minutes:
    • Bossy E is coming to town - barge into the classroom and introduce myself as Bossy E in the rudest most obnoxious way possible
      • Bossy E seems a bit rude. He likes to change the game. When he shows up at the end, he makes the vowel say it’s name!
    • Tell the kids that Bossy E likes to tell the sweet and quiet vowels what to do and what they have to do when Bossy E is around is say their name.
    • Demonstrate several examples of this using large letters and asking students to come up and hold them
    • Have students sound out the words without the Bossy E and then jump at the end of the word and make a big show of telling the vowel to say their name.
      • Wagging finger and loudly say: “NO NO NO! SAY YOUR NAME!”
    • Reread the word with the vowel saying its name
    Guided Practice (WE DO) - 10 minutes:
    • Have students practice several different words and having students have the opportunity to be Bossy E
    Independent Practice (YOU DO) - 15 minutes:
    • Quiz Quiz Trade: Students have CVC words on cards and partner up. They quiz their partner on what the CVCe word is after Bossy E comes to town. Then they trade and find another partner.
      • Maybe students would have their own Bossy E on a popsicle stick so they can add the e and see the new word?
      • Maybe have them use a recording sheet to list out the words they create with their partner?
    Assessment: Bossy E worksheet
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    I teach phonics in the mini lessons of my writer's workshop. I would model writing (or do interactive or shared writing) and whenever we came to a word with a bossy e, I'd talk about the rule or have the students do some sort of hand gesture/physical response to keep them engaged and then a student volunteer would come write the word in our interactive writing. Then I'd send my students off to do their own writing. If you want to really draw their attention to the Bossy e, you could have them all highlight the words they used in their writing with a highlighter at the end.

    Your lesson sounds like way more fun than mine, so go with your gut.
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    Jun 17, 2018

    Thank you for your feedback! I typically don't teach phonics in isolation either other than when we use FUNdations, which is very scripted!

    Hopefully this is what they're looking for!

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