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    I teach in a special needs, high functioning, more like resource, but just realized I am going to have about half my class from last year back this year. SO, with that being said, I can't repeat alot of my first week, activities, some of them I can, but not all of them I am teaching 5th-7th. I have an all about me poster I got from Scholastics last year I can use, but my goals for the year sheet was really too low for this group. What are some things you are doing, just looking for a few ideas, with this group, the first 2 weeks is spent on testing and getting re-acclimated to school since a majority of them have a form of autism or bi-polar so getting back on schedule and making it an easy transition is important, so while others are ready to jump back in, I can keep them working but I need some fun filler in between activities that are also beneficial for the student.

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